Bay Window Curtains That Cost Less Than Custom Made Designs

December 15, 2009

Bay windows are typically a three-piece arrangement of panes that form a semi-circle from the home. They're commonly found on the lower floor, as part of a breakfast area of extended living space. And they are absolutely a joy to decorate.

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Bay windows do offer some challenges--particularly with respect to window curtains. Because of their odd shape, bay window curtains require some extra hardware to make them secure. If the windows are larger, extra curtain fabric is not uncommon. Here are some savvy decorating ideas for your bay window curtains.

Bay Window Curtains: Avoid Uncommon Riggings

The most basic of bay window curtains incorporate simple flat panels in solid colors. These window curtains require no special hardware other than basic curtain rods. The flat panels will allow you to enjoy the bay window sitting area--the solid colors can play off any existing palette in the room.

Double draperies are another popular style that is simple for newbie DIY-ers. Place one set at the window panes and one set inside the room. Use complimenting colors for a two-dimensional effect.

The 90-degree Bay Window Curtain Rod Mechanism

For the slightly more daring designer, try the 90-degree bay window curtain rod. This contraption features an adjustable joint in the middle that allows you to open up the radius of the window curtain rod to match any bay window dimension. From there, you can add curtains, draperies or any number of window curtain styles.

Use the potential of your bay window to the fullest with a wide selection of bay window curtains. They offer privacy and natural light control in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

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