Top Bay Window Colors

October 11, 2010

When adding replacement windows to your home, you should find a style that matches the overall look of the home. In some cases a replacement window of the same type as the original window is the best choice. Other times installing replacement windows can give you a chance to upgrade the look of your home by installing a new type of window with more visual appeal.

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Bay Window Advantages

One popular window choice for replacement windows is the bay window. Unlike traditional flat windows, bay windows are made up of multiple windows that project outward from the exterior of the home. From the outside, bay windows break up the lines of the home and add visual interest. From the inside bay windows make rooms seem more spacious and allow more light into the room. The added space created by a bay window can be used as a shelf or a window seat. Bay windows are particularly good choices for master bedrooms and living rooms.

Top Bay Windows Colors

As with any replacement window, there are variety of bay window colors available. You should choose the color that best works with the overall design of the home. In most cases windows are available with different colors for the interior and exterior.

The bay window colors available can help determine which manufacturers products will work best for your project. For example, Andersen bay windows are available with a choice of five exterior colors and seven interior colors. The exterior colors range from the very light "White" to the dark reddish brown of "Cocoa Bean." The interior colors include several of the exterior color choices, but substitute three additional lighter "wood" colors for the darker "Cocoa Bean." Marvin windows offer the choice of wood windows with exteriors available in three natural wood grains or clad wood windows available in 19 exterior colors. Marvin's choices for interior bay window colors include seven natural wood grain variations and one primed wood option. Other window companies offer additional options including the top bay window colors.

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