Window Blinds for Bay Windows

October 11, 2010

From custom-fitted Roman shades designed to fold up within the frame of the window, to wood slats that support the stress of everyday use, choosing the right covering for your bay windows gives you a lot of options.

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Measuring Window Blinds for Bay Windows

Measuring your space is a smart way to get a better idea of what your blinds will eventually cover. Remember that if you're mounting bay window blinds outside the window, you'll always have a small gap between where each of the blinds meet. Cutting two pieces of cardboard to represent the thickness of your blinds can help you get a better understanding of the depth of the blinds and the way they will intersect with one another when the final blinds are mounted.

Special Concerns for Bay Windows

There are a few special ideas you should keep in mind when installing blinds for your bay windows. For example, the long horizontal slats of mini blinds might not make the most of your beautiful bays. Also, if you have a seat inside the window, you should try not to install blinds that could be easily bent or destroyed. Sturdy wooden slat blinds are a smart way to keep your blinds in operation for a long time.

When installing window blinds for bay windows, you should consider your eventual use of the space along with your ideas for how the windows should look. Mix form, function, and your budget when choosing the perfect window blinds for your project.

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