Bay Means Bigger in Windows

December 26, 2009

Bay windows are not just window solutions that invite the outdoors in. A bay window can add additional square footage to the room as well as light.

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Bay windows can be half windows that take up just the top portion of the wall to add an upgrade to a kitchen area, or they can be full length extravaganzas that add floor space to the room as well. For closed in living rooms or dining rooms, full length bay windows may be just the bump out that's needed to visually and physically extend the space in the room. These walls of windows can be set at any angles to configure to any design need.

Another option that can make the most of a bay window is a greenhouse or garden window. This is a bay window topped with glass and is often used for indoor gardening. Larger greenhouse bay windows can be turned into full sized sunrooms. In Victorian times, these rooms were called conservatories, and were considered status symbols of their day.

Smaller bay windows can be used as accent windows. They're called an oriel, which is a bay window supported by brackets or corbels on the exterior. They were heavily used in Victorian architecture, but they remain popular and have been restyled to take on modern and contemporary styles as well. Bay windows have remained popular throughout their over one hundred years of existence. With all the advantages and style that they bring to the design table, you can expect them to remain popular features of homes for another century or so.

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