Andersen Bay Window for Your Home

August 04, 2010

Replacement windows don't have to be mirror images of the windows you used to have. Choose new windows that give your home some style with Andersen Bay Window options.

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First, it is important to understand what bay windows are and how they work. Bay windows typically have three sides. There is a center glass panel, which is often a fixed pane and cannot be opened. However, that wide area of glass allows for a large, unobstructed view.

The side panels on the bay window might be double-hung, casement, or even awning windows. This allows for air flow through the home without obstructing the wide central view of the window.

Finally, a bay window adds more space to your home by creating a nook where a flat window used to be. This extra space can be used as a reading area, storage, a place to display artwork, or any other number of uses. No matter what you choose to do with your extra alcove, the bay window imparts a luxurious feel to your home.

Andersen Bay Window: Replacement Windows with Flair!

Andersen offers bay windows in many styles and colors, not to mention the wide array of design options. Whether you opt for bay windows with all panels fixed, or prefer casement or double-hung side panels, there are almost endless combinations you can create.

Large bay windows might not seem to be the most energy-efficient replacement windows on the market, but Andersen has that problem covered with standard Low-E4 glass in all their bay windows. This glass is up to 56 percent more energy-efficient in the summer and up to 45 percent more efficient in winter than standard double-pane glass. The windows block up to 83 percent of the UV rays of the sun while providing significant noise reduction.

Andersen also offers the innovative TruScene window screens for every working bay window. These screens are just as effective as traditional screens yet are almost invisible, allowing more light into your home and providing a more pleasant view.

When choosing new windows, why not go with something that adds to the beauty of your home? Andersen bay window options are definitely up to the task!

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