302 Danvid Bay Window 
by Atrium Window Companies

302 Danvid Bay Window
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 5/8" Insulating Glass
  • 5/8" Insulating glass provides energy saving thermal performance
  • Aluminum frame and sash are precision cut and assembled to make joints weather-tight
  • Continuous Extruded Nail Fin
  • Dual Cam Lock
  • Dual Integrated Lift Rail
  • Enhances the interior and exterior of the home with three lite construction of proportionally sized windows (1/4 - 1/2- 1/4)
  • Interior Water Damn
  • Interlocking Sashes
  • Optional Decorative Grids
  • Precision Cut Aluminum Frame And Sash Components
  • Spiral Balance System
  • Vinyl Bulb Seal
  • Warm Edge Insulating Glass
  • Weatherstripping At Interlock
  • Product can be upgraded for coastal applications

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