Vinyl Awning Windows - Benefits, Where to use, and Tips

August 01, 2010

When purchasing new windows for their homes, some people ignore the many benefits of vinyl awning windows and instead opt for the usual single hung or sliding models. Although these types of windows are often adequate, there are certain locations in a home which may really benefit from vinyl awning windows. Because they are hinged at the top, awning windows tip out when opened, which allows them to circulate fresh air and remain open even when it rains. Awning windows are usually wide and short, which also makes them perfect for installing under, or over, picture windows which can not be opened.

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Great Locations for Installing Vinyl Awning Windows

  • Bathrooms: Window installation in a small bathroom can be difficult, as available wall space is often limited by the need for a shower stall, a vanity mirror, and a door. Installing a vinyl awning window above the shower stall is one way to solve this problem, and because the window sits above eye level you can keep it open and still have plenty of privacy when bathing!
  • Clerestories and hard to reach dormers: New windows come with many options, and awning windows are now available with remote operated motors, which can open and close windows which are located in high walls, or in overhead dormers which are hard to reach. Although awning windows are designed to keep rain out even when they are open, you can also install water sensors which automatically close the windows for you once rain is detected by the sensor.
  • Child's bedroom or nursery: When installed on top of a single hung window, an awning window can allow outside air to circulate in a bedroom, while the lower window unit remains safely closed with an additional childproof lock. This means concerned parents can rest assured that their child will not accidentally reach an open window, even though the bedroom is continuously filled with fresh air.

Homes are often more comfortable and can function better when each window installation is well thought out and the ideal window location is chosen. If you have a location which would be best served with a vinyl awning window, then you should consider the many options and sizes that are available. Vinyl awning windows might just be your perfect solution!

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