Upgrades for Awning Windows

January 05, 2010

Awning windows are problem solvers in the window and door world. They are top hinged with one or more panels that swing out at an angle to open. When opened, they resemble an awning - hence the name. These windows have solved many a design dilemma in architecture and with their increased popularity comes a new host of options and upgrades to bring a custom window solution for any home.

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Some of our favorite upgrades include:

Self cleaning glass - Anything self cleaning is a favorite of ours, but awning windows can often be located in hard to reach areas, making them difficult to clean. SunClean glass is a durable, clear coat on the glass that helps break down dirt and causes water from rain or from a hose to sheet down over the glass to clean it - much like you see in a car wash.

Low E glass is the latest and greatest introduction to energy efficiency. It's a microscopic thin coating on glass that filters out ultra violet rays from the sun, which is the cause of sun fade in the home that can damage fabrics, rugs and furnishings. But Low E glass has an added benefit in that it helps glass stay cleaner and reduces water spotting. It's a win-win upgrade that increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance in awning windows.

The most powerful upgrade to awning windows, literally and figuratively, is the remote controlled awning window. Typically awning windows are opened and closed with a crank mechanism. Extended cranks allowed hard to reach windows to be functional. But the times they are a changing, and concealed motorized mechanisms with a wireless remote can make quick work of opening and closing hard to reach awning windows. Even better, the unit has a rain sensor that can automatically close the windows during a storm.

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