Awning Window Energy Efficiency

October 11, 2010

Awning windows can be the perfect choice as replacement windows for your house if you are looking to upgrade your home's energy efficiency. The latch type locking system of an awning window helps to ensure a tight seal when closed and most awning windows use double paned glass to help keep your home energy costs low.

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Awning Windows Energy Efficiency: Replacement Window Considerations

There are several factors that combine to make a replacement window energy efficient regardless of what style window you are considering for your home. When you're shopping for awning windows you'll probably read a lot of specifications about the various brands, but if you're looking for an energy efficient window you may want to pay particular attention to these three areas:

  • Sealing and latching
  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Awning windows energy efficiency can be aided by their latching system which pulls the sash in tight against the frame before locking, and when closed this same system can help make your home feel more secure.

Awning Windows: Glass Makes a Difference

The U-Factor and the SHGC are tests which determine the energy efficiency of the glass in most windows. The U-Factor is a measurement of the amount of airflow through a closed window over a period of time and the SHGC lets you know how much radiant heat from the sun can get through the glass and add unwanted heat to your home. Lower numbers in these ratings are desirable and options such as Low E glass and Argon gas between the panes can improve the energy efficiency of the glass and result in even lower test numbers.

Of course the most energy efficient awning window can perform poorly if it isn't set properly, so you may want to look into having a professional window contractor install the new awning windows in your home.

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