Awning Windows: Offering Style, Ventilation, and Versatility

January 26, 2009

Welcome breezes into your home with an awning window. Using a crank located at the base of the window, awning windows open from hinges at the top. This creates an awning, which helps keep precipitation out while still allowing for maximum airflow. When opened completely, these windows act more like thrown-open doors, letting the outside air circulate freely.

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There is no denying that awning windows offer a touch more flair than typical, sliding windows. The lack of additional hardware gives the window a clean look, which also maximizes the amount of light let in. Awning windows are often paired with other window styles to complete a look and add their utilitarian charm.

Perfect for hard-to-reach areas because of their crank-open nature, these make excellent replacement windows, fitting into all but the largest spots around your home. These windows often find themselves ventilating basements or placed high in bedrooms or bathrooms, providing privacy in addition to light because they can be easily opened from below. Awning windows allow you easy and complete control over the amount of airflow desired by simply adjusting the angle of the opening.

Keep in mind that awning windows open out, which means that an appropriate amount of space must be available. This allows alternative use as a sunshade with tinting or additional covering. Unfortunately, these windows have to be cleaned from the outside and can be rather pricey as compared with other styles. They do, though, offer outstanding draft protection and security, thanks to their design, which pulls the pane inward, forming a complete, easily tightened seal.

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