Awning Windows Save the Day with Light and Ventilation

January 03, 2010

Awning windows offer custom solutions for areas where other windows fear to tread. Awning windows help bring natural lighting and ventilation to areas that won't easily accommodate standard openings. Normally they offer crank hardware if the awning window is in a difficult to reach position.

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When most of the basement is located underground, but a top portion of the wall has access to the lighting and ventilation above ground, an awning window can be just the solution to shed light on the situation. Normally a functional window would be out of the question in this instance. An awning window with an extended opening mechanism can be used for ventilation and light in this normally dim setting. In basements that can take on must and moisture, you'll be glad you have that light and air source.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms normally make the best use of each and every inch of wall space. Awning windows offer an efficient method of introducing natural light along with a breath of fresh air in any wall area that offers a few inches to spare.

Complementary Windows

Large architectural windows that offer floor to ceiling expansive views are a distinctive touch to an elegant home. But they are also often too large to open. Awning windows can be used above these windows to allow ventilation and breezes to circulate. Since awning windows can be opened using extended crank mechanisms, the access is issue is solved.

Awning windows offer space saving solutions in areas of the home or commercial settings that need custom window solutions in hard to reach areas. They can also make the best use of every inch of wall space in more functional areas.

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