Up, Up and Away: Awning Windows Can Fold In or Out

January 04, 2010

Awning windows are specialty windows that fold in or out to offer a compact functioning window for problem areas. Many awning windows are used as the problem solvers for out of reach spaces. Awning windows can be opened using a cranking mechanism. This mechanism can be a long, extended opener that can reach normally unreachable areas, allowing a window to be placed up, up and away to make the most of ventilation.

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Awning windows are particularly popular in warmer climates that need the ventilation and breezes, but also need shelter from the rain at the same time. The tilting action of the window keeps the rain out of the interior of the home while cool breezes can slip right in.

Typically awning windows were pint sized windows for out of the way areas of the home. New technology as allowed these window wonders to be made in larger sizes, so they are offering new options in upgrades to make these problem solvers style solvers as well.

With this larger sized offering, awning windows have become popular choices for sunrooms, sun porches and other indoor/outdoor living areas. For buildings that require limited access to openings for safety reasons, the awning window steps up to the plate. Schools, hotels and other commercial settings use awning windows to add ventilation and light, while limiting access to the window openings for safety reasons.

Awning windows were introduced as a problem solver for areas that needed natural light and ventilation. With new styles and sizes being offered, they can be just the solution to add style to the mix as well.

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