Window Shades for Awning Windows

October 10, 2010

If you're in the market for new shades for your awning windows, there are a few things you'll want to consider because of the unique design of this type of window.

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Alternatives Concerning Window Shades for Awning Windows

  • The best shade for awning windows is the Roman shade. When extended or hung over the awning window opening, it's a flat expanse of fabric. A drawstring or cord is used to raise the shade in concertina folds until the desired area is exposed. Designer-wise, Roman shades can be made from a very wide range of fabrics and only the imagination limits the design. Depending on the depth and orientation of the window opening, the shade can be installed inside or if space is limited, on the outside using a decorative cornice.
  • While not technically shades, vertical blinds can also be installed in a similar fashion to allow the slats to open, close, be drawn to the side, or drawn from the middle outward. This eliminates all interference with access to the handle used for opening and closing the window itself.
  • There are also films on the market that can be applied directly to the window to diffuse incoming light, provide privacy, and even add an extra measure of protection against UV radiation.

Prices of Roman shades vary widely depending on the material used and the measurements of the opening. Internet pricing varies from $15 at the low end up to over $250 for high- quality material. Window film is priced at $15-$30 for a 36"x72" area. Vertical blinds are priced at $30-$110. Discounts are common so please use these prices simply as a guide.

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