Top Awning Window Materials

October 10, 2010

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out toward the exterior. No matter the awning window material used, the basics are the same, including the "crank" or lever that is used to open the window from the inside. The design of the awning windows allows fresh air in while keeping rain showers out.

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The Top Awning Windows Materials

Awning window materials can fit well with any decor or exterior of your home. The following top awning windows materials are among the most common on the market today:

  • Wood. One of the most popular awning window materials, wood can be a bit expensive and requires a good amount of maintenance over the years. But the warmth and strength of wood is worth it to many homeowners.
  • Vinyl. Easy to install and relatively inexpensive, vinyl windows don't have the maintenance worries of wood. However, they are not as versatile in that their colors can't be changed, and most vinyl windows don't hold paint well.
  • Aluminum. This awning window material is most common in basements. Not only do aluminum awning windows work well in hard-to-reach places, the aluminum makes them very resistant to the elements. That can come in handy with windows so close to a home's foundation and the potential deluge of rain, snow, and yard debris.
  • Wood Clad. Clad windows have wood on the inside and another material on the outside, such as vinyl or aluminum. This combines the warmth and versatility of wood with the heavy-duty strength of awning window materials that can stand up to Mother Nature.

Other awning window materials are available, including steel, nylon, and fiberglass, as well as specialty blends offered by various window manufacturers.

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