Awning Window Installers and Contractors

October 10, 1999

Awning windows are among the easiest windows to install, but it's still too difficult to be a DIY project for most. The window must be properly fitted and leveled, cracks sealed, and finished with proper interior and exterior trim.

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Awning Windows Installer Costs

Professional awning windows installers and contractors are prepared to do the job right the first time, installing your windows to your specifications in all areas of your home. The windows come with different frame installations and requirements based on your home's construction, and licensed contractors are most likely to know the details and requirements behind any installation.

Prices for installers and contractors will vary strongly based on elements like window size, wall height, and even the age of your home; expect to pay at least $100 more per window for difficult historic renovation tasks. Basic window installation including old window disposal and filling visible cavities with foam should run you anywhere between $135 to $175 and up. As a rule, more detailed work will come with a higher price tag, even for a seemingly simple installation of an awning window.

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Help ensure you're getting the best installer for the job by getting quotes and reading reviews from different companies. While awning window installation is considered a basic service by the pros, you'll still find a wide range of quoted prices based on company size, location, and other factors.

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