Window Blinds for Awning Windows

October 11, 2010

Awning windows have a hinge at the top and open outward, letting fresh air in while keeping rain and other elements out. These unique windows work well by themselves, or can be placed underneath or atop traditional windows to add functionality and visual interest.

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Fitting Window Blinds for Awning Windows

Choosing the right blinds for your windows is a matter of budget, needs, and personal taste. Because many awning windows come in standard window sizes, it may be possible to buy blinds off the shelf in the usual styles, including basic metal blinds, wood slat varieties, and cloth or blackout curtains. The most cost-effective option for outfitting awning windows requires choosing a standard window size to start with.

However, not all awning windows are created alike, and customization makes the process a little more complicated. Buying window blinds for awning windows that have been created to fit your home may also require some customization. Your personal preferences will also dictate the style you want, whether you'd like blinds that fit within the frame or are mounted to the wall around the window.

Outfit Your Awning Windows in Style

Custom blinds for awning windows will typically cost more than the ready-made variety. Fortunately, working with a manufacturer to create the perfect blinds for your windows means you don't need to compromise the function or aesthetics of the unique awning shape. Whether you choose top down/bottom up blinds installed within the frame of the window or custom-cut wood blinds that efficiently block out light, your preferences dictate your perfect window treatment.

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