Aluminum Awning Windows - Information, Benefits, Installers

August 02, 2010

Aluminum awning windows are traditionally found in industrial buildings, but they can also be a very attractive option for residential homes. When looking for replacement windows, consider all the benefits aluminum awning windows can bring to the table!

What are Aluminum Awning Windows?

Aluminum awning windows hinge at the top and open from the bottom, thus swinging out and away from the frame. This unique design allows air flow into the home but still provides ample protection against wind and rain. Awning windows come with a crank or other mechanism to hold the window open at the angle you want, locking points to keep the window closed, and can also feature built-in screens to keep insects out.

Aluminum awning windows are available with continuous hoods or corner guards to provide further protection against the elements. These windows work well in areas where it's hard to reach or operate the window, such as a large window over a kitchen sink or in a tight basement corner. Since they open from the bottom, awning windows are perfect for places where you need higher windows for privacy needs, such as a bathroom.

You can find aluminum awning windows as either full aluminum windows or as aluminum-clad windows. Clad windows offer the durability and weather-resistance of aluminum on the outside, while the warmth of wood is what you see on the inside.

Choosing aluminum for larger replacement windows is a good investment, as aluminum windows of that size can be much stronger than wood or vinyl. Their resistance to bowing, cracking, or peeling makes aluminum windows an exceptional product choice. Aluminum replacement windows are available at an affordable price from your favorite tried-and-true replacement window companies, including Pella, Marvin, and Andersen.

Professional Window Installation

Though aluminum awning windows are among some of the easiest to install, only a professional window installation can ensure that your windows meet their optimum energy-saving potential. A window contractor can guarantee a tight fit between the frame and wall, and do a final check to make certain your window arrived from the factory or warehouse in excellent working condition.

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