Aluminum Awning Windows Protect Against the Sun

December 17, 2009

Aluminum awning windows offer an efficient design solution for your home. You can install aluminum awning windows to provide ventilation above or alongside a picture window. Basements, garages, and family rooms are ideal locations for awning windows. Installing aluminum awning windows in the kitchen provides a view outdoors while supplying fresh air and protection from the elements.

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Aluminum Awning Windows Have Distinct Advantages

  • Standard aluminum awning windows are suitable for temperate climates, but you can also order aluminum windows with stronger aluminum designed to withstand climate extremes.
  • Insulated glass offers additional strength and energy savings. Aluminum awning windows are avaiable in various grades and types of insulated glass. Due to its outward movement, an aluminum awning window is made with stronger insulated glass to prevent breakage.
  • Screens for awning windows are located inside of the glass, and the window is opened and closed with a crank.
  • Awning windows are designed to lock automatically when they're closed. You don't need to worry whether you've locked them securely; if they're closed, they're locked.
  • Using aluminum awning windows can add visual interest to your decor while introducing light and fresh air into your home. By opening the window outward, you receive maximum air circulation through the entire window opening.

Aluminum awning windows are available in traditional aluminum and other finishes that can match or compliment existing wood or vinyl windows. If you need help with selecting windows for your home, you can shop online and consult home designers and window manufacturers for suggestions for selecting and placing aluminum awning windows in your home.

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