Specialty Architectural Windows for Special Homes

December 31, 2009

Windows are technically considered architectural elements of a home or commercial building. As architectural elements, they need to have specific function and slip seamlessly into the building's style and look. Specialty architectural windows offer custom solutions for design dilemmas and add interest and style to the home.

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Arched Top Windows

The arched top window is perfect to add interest to a home's façade. Palladian windows are the best known of the arched top windows. They are normally situated on the second floor of the home over the front door and add to the focal point of the entryway. On the interior, they add beaucoup natural lighting as well.

Bowed Windows

Bowed windows bring dimension to the front of the home and serve as the perfect focal point in more formal rooms, such as a living room. The bowed window gracefully arches out and is normally made up of a set of four to six individual windows. Bowed or curved glass can be used in the individual windows as well for a more elegant look.

Transom Windows

A transom is the beam that tops a door or window. A transom window is located just atop the beam and is actually separated from the door or window. It's usually an additional decorative element and adds natural light and interest in a window or door. Transom windows can be rectangular sized to the width of the door or window, or semi-circular or fan shaped. They were heavily used in older homes to make the most of natural lighting in the entryway.

Architectural windows add a new dimension to home design. These specialty windows can be just the upgrade needed to take a home to the next level of style.

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