How to Repair Architectural Windows

October 11, 2010

Modern architectural windows are designed to last for years without repair and even older units usually have great longevity as they seldom have operable parts. However, you may need a window repair in your home, and the secret is knowing whether a repair can be done by you or you should just get a new sash for the window.

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How to Repair Architectural Windows in Your Home

Two of the most common repairs for architectural windows are for broken seals and cracked glass panes. How to repair the architectural windows can depend on the age of the windows and whether you're handy enough to work around glass safely.

Architectural Windows with Broken Seals

You can usually tell if you have a broken seal on a single pane window by the infiltration of air around the glass caused by cracks in the window glazing. Repairing the seal is normally just a matter of removing the old glazing compound and installing new, while being careful of the sharp glass edges.

Modern double and triple pane architectural windows with moisture between the panes usually have a seal that has failed, in which case, the sash should be replaced. The sash can often be removed by taking out the weather-stripping that holds it in place.

Architectural Windows with Broken Glass

A modern window with double or triple panes that are broken should have the sash replaced just as if it had a broken seal. If you have an older single pane architectural window, it can be repaired at home by:

  • removing the glazing and clips holding the glass in place
  • purchasing a new piece of glass that fits in the glass indentation area of the sash
  • pushing new clips in with needle nose pliers and applying new glazing

Always be very careful when working with glass as a serious injury can happen quickly.

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