Octagon Windows - Choices, Styles, and Costs

July 18, 2010

If you are looking to jazz up or add light to a space in your home, an octagon window, one with eight sides, might be just what it takes. The unusual shape itself adds pizazz and draws attention. In addition, placed high on a wall, an octagon window can fill an area with natural light and, in some instances, air. These intriguing, specialty windows are perfect for bathrooms, dens, attics, foyers, and stairways.

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Octagon Window Choices

When selecting your octagon window, you have numerous options, which means you can wind up with one that perfectly complements your home's style and decor. Because these windows are versatile, they work well in numerous applications.

Octagon windows range in size from two to four feet in width. Some are stationary and do not open. Others are vented, which means they open slightly. You may choose a vented octagon window if it is to be placed where you can easily reach it. If your window is vented, you may want a screen for it.

When it comes to frames, choices include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wood-grained polyurethane. Rather than clear, you may want stained, leaded, silk screen, etched, sand-carved, or some other type of glass. Grills, or grids, are another potential adornment. They come in an a vast array of designs, including floral, radial, geometric, rectangle, paver, and lattice.

Octagon Window Costs

The cost of an octagon window depends on the frame material, the type of glass, and any embellishments, such as stained glass. A vented window costs more than a fixed one. In general, an octagon window typically costs between approximately $100 and $200 without installation, but can go higher.

Octagon window installation can be challenging for a do-it-yourselfer. (It requires cutting a hole in the siding of your home. If your house is constructed out of brick or stone, the difficulty level increases exponentially.) So, if you are not a professional window contractor, it may be best to hire one for the job. An octagon window installation can run you about $400.

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