Distinctive Homes Use Architectural Windows

January 01, 2010

What takes an everyday paned window and earns it the label of an architectural window? An architectural window isn't just an opening, it's a design element of the home or building's façade. It contributes to the style or becomes a style feature in and of itself.

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Architectural windows take front and center stage in historic homes - particularly in Victorian, Colonial and Arts and Crafts architecture. In fact, in areas that require historic preservation efforts, architectural windows can be a requirement when renovating homes. The goal is to not limit choices in windows, but to preserve the overall style of the home using historically accurate, architecturally correct windows. The design flexibility offered in architectural windows ensures that aesthetic requirements are met along with modern standards in windows, such as energy efficiency.

Architectural windows are anything but a one size fits all window. They are windows that add to or highlight a feature of the home. In modern homes, one of the most common architectural windows has been the palladium window. It's a large window, normally with an arched top, which helps produce a focal point as well as make the most of natural lighting.

While some of these distinctive offerings are custom architectural windows, there are more standard options that are budget friendly to help add style to homes. Transom windows are particularly popular for adding natural light to an entryway. They are located over the transom, the top beam of the doorway, and add another design element to the entryway.

Architectural windows are an important aspect of distinctive, luxury and historical homes. There are more standard offerings in architectural windows that can add an element of distinction to your home as well.

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