Architectural Windows: When Every Detail Counts

January 02, 2010

Architectural windows are not just for luxury homes and historic buildings, but they come into play when every detail counts. Many architectural windows are custom windows that are designed specifically for a home using exact specifications in style, profile, materials and measurements. More standard offerings can be a particular style, such as a transom window or a palladium window that becomes an architectural feature of the building or home.

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Architectural windows contribute to the overall design aspect and style of the building. They are not merely afterthoughts, but take front and center stage in the design and construction process. Each and every aspect of the architectural window plays a part in the design, such as:

  • Materials;
  • Profiles - the shape of the moldings;
  • The method of opening; and
  • The effect of the window on the façade of the building and its surroundings.

Architectural windows are particularly preferred for use in homes or buildings that are looking to make the most of scenic views. The view must become part of the overall design of the home as it takes front and center stage and is one of the most important features of the home. Architectural windows work the view into the design of the home, many times using oversized floor to ceiling architectural windows.

In fact, with spectacular waterfront settings, architectural windows can take up nearly most of the side of the home to make the most of this valuable vista. The windows play a major role in ensuring every aspect of the view is played to the hilt in each and every room.

For a distinctive touch to your home, consider an architectural window to add style and elegance and make the most of your homes surroundings and views.

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