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October 11, 2010

Choosing the best wood windows installers and contractors is important to the longevity and beauty of your windows. Hiring a tried-and-true contractor will help ensure your wood windows hold up to all the things life throws at them over the decades.

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How to Spot the Less Than Reputable Contractors

Hiring the wrong contractor can lead to less-than-stellar windows, damage to your home, or even worse. Here's how to spot the bad installers and contractors:

  • They ask you to pay in cash. A disreputable contractor will often require payment up front, in cash, and then do a poor job or simply disappear with the money. Since you paid in cash, tracking them down can be very difficult, if not impossible.
  • You can't find information on them. Installers and contractors who are just starting out might not have a great deal of information on the Internet or in the phone book, but they should have some references. If they don't have anyone you can contact or try to talk you into "trusting them" it is time to go elsewhere.
  • The prices are off. The windows might be of a high quality name brand, but your contractor promises them at rock-bottom rates. Or they might claim to have extras left over from another job that they would be willing to sell to you at an impossible steal of a deal.
  • The guarantees are impossible. If the guarantee offered by the installer it is too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

Reputable wood window installers and contractors will reflect a professionalism that makes you comfortable from the start. If your gut instinct tells you something is not right, trust that feeling and look elsewhere.

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