Architectural Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Architectural windows can be used to create a dramatic effect in just about any room of your home, but you should know what you're paying for prior to purchasing the windows. Some window companies consider architectural windows to be any fixed shape windows while others consider architectural windows to be designer series windows that may have specialty frames and upgraded glass as a standard features.

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Architectural Windows Prices and Costs for your Home

There are many factors that can affect architectural windows prices and costs and you should determine just what you need in the windows before deciding which to purchase. Architectural windows are offered in different frame materials and higher end window companies often allow the purchaser to pick from various exterior cladding options and even specialty woods for the interior frames. Some window companies allow you to pick Low-E glass or Argon gas between the glass panes as energy saving upgrades while other companies include these options in their standard architectural windows. If having unique window grills is important to you, there are some companies that offer many optional grill patterns for their architectural windows.

Architectural windows prices and costs have a wide range and you should be able to find windows to fit any budget. A sampling of the diversity in their pricing:

  • Vinyl Architectural Windows. 48 inches by 48 inches-$300; 36-inch circle-top-$200
  • Mid-level Wood Architectural Windows. 48 inches by 48 inches-$465, 36-inch circle-top-$576
  • Upper-level Wood Architectural Windows. 48 inches by 48 inches-$586; 36-inch circle-top-$1,300

These are approximate prices based on the manufacturers' standard windows and include window grills and Low-E glass; check with a window company or salesperson to get exact architectural window pricing for your project and remember to verify frame material, glass type, and any options or upgrades you may wish to add. You might also want to find out about any possible delivery charges.

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