Window Blinds for Architectural Windows

October 11, 2010

Architectural windows offer custom sizes, shapes, colors, and styles not typically available from manufacturers. As a result, your home receives a personal touch. Contractors work with you to create the architectural style you desire. With a broad level of customization, you'll likely need custom blinds to match your new windows.

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The Best Window Blinds for Architectural Windows

Unlike conventional windows, which come in popular sizes and are easy to find matching blinds, architectural windows typically require blinds as unique as the windows themselves. Whether you're installing twin archtop double-hung windows, custom-size casement windows, or towering single-hung windows, it's possible to find blinds that compliment the space you provide.

When choosing window blinds for architectural windows, it's important to think about the function of the window itself. If your windows open from the top as well as the bottom, top down/bottom up shades offer additional function. Choose among venation, vertical or horizontal blinds designed to complement the shape of your window. Materials such as wood, metal, and cloth pull together your home's decor as they provide function.

Top Tips for Architectural Windows

Smart shopping is key when it comes to buying window blinds for your architectural upgrade. A specialty shop can offer you the materials, shapes, and knowledge you need, but a local hardware store might have the same materials and knowledge for less. Research architectural window blinds in order to get a better grasp of the true range of sizes and styles available.

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