Window Accessories for Architectural Windows

October 11, 2010

Architectural windows transform a basic opening into a major statement through their distinctive shapes or sizes. They can set the mood for the entire structure. While the window itself can make a major impression, it's the accessories that complete the look.

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Functional Window Accessories for Architectural Windows

While following accessories enhance or are critical for architectural window function, variations in style and finish allow for versatility and uniqueness.

Architectural Window Hardware

Window Sash Locks: These locks tightly secure window sashes, preventing them from being opened on the outside. Window sash locks are available in a variety of metals and finishes.

Traditional Operators: These rotating cranks open casement or awning windows and can also be folded over for a sleek design.

Motorized Operators: Opening hard-to-reach windows with the touch of a button, motorized operators can let in fresh air with ease and simplicity.

Glass Options and Treatments

Efficiency Glass: Choosing a low-e or low-e4 glassed window can boost energy efficiency and dampen sound.

Glazes: Tinting or glazing window glass diffuses light and can enhance privacy.

Insect Prevention

Screens: Let the fresh air in and the bugs out with these mesh add-ons available in a variety of styles, including pop-in or mounted types.

Aesthetic Window Accessories for Architectural Windows

While many of these window accessories for architectural windows enhance window function, they are often chosen for their visual interest.

Grilles: Grilles are the grid-like patterns that determine how light shines through the window and come in virtually any orientation. They can be mounted on the pane, or between the two panes of insulated windows.

Art Glass: Much like traditional stained glass, art glass uses cut, shaped glass in a variety of colors to make a statement.

Pattern Glass: Glass is textured with different patterns, including frost or rain.

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