Aluminum Windows Preserve Contemporary Home Design

December 11, 2009

Many homeowners are replacing aluminum windows with vinyl or wood windows. Window frames made of these materials don't conduct heat as old fashioned aluminum window frames do. There is good news if you want to update your windows, but prefer to keep the contemporary styling offered by aluminum windows. Today's aluminum replacement window options are designed with thermal break barriers, which minimize the amount of heat and cold that is transferred by aluminum window frames.

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Benefits of Installing New Aluminum Windows

  • Noise abatement: Aluminum is a denser material than vinyl or wood, and can shut out noise more effectively. If you live in a noisy environment, this is an important benefit.
  • Aluminum frames allow more light: Vinyl and wood windows typically have thicker frames than aluminum windows. Thinner aluminum frames allow more light into your home, and are highly compatible with contemporary or industrial architectural styles.
  • Strength and Durability: Aluminum's high strength-to-weight ration makes aluminum windows a great choice for installing large expanses of glass or custom designs.
  • Cost: Aluminum windows are typically less expensive than fiberglass, wood, or vinyl windows. Remember to include installation costs when considering window replacement prices.

Establishing a budget and understanding specific needs based on your home's style and environment can assist you when choosing new windows and comparing window replacement prices.



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