Window Styles

Awning Window Bay Window Bow Window
Awning Window - Double-Hung openings can accommodate a single Awning Window under a Picture Window for an alpine look. Slim design maximizes light and sight while maintaining ventilation, and gives the home a taller, more contemporary look.
Bay Window - Available in Double-Hung or Casement combinations, the Bay Window is a favorite to decorate a home and add the feeling of extra space. Any opening 4-foot or larger is a perfect opportunity. Bow Window - Gently curving, this unit of Casement Windows gives more possible venting combinations than standard picture window/flanker combinations or Bay Windows.
Circle Top Window Casement Window Double Hung Window
Circle Top Window - For that extra touch, the Circle Top with sunburst grid is a perfect choice. For extra-tall openings, the Circle Top can be placed over a matching Double Hung in the same opening. Casement Window - Hinged on the side and having one sash, the Casement Window allows lots of glass area and easy cleaning. Not only does the casement open up the room to more air and light, the inward closing action makes a tighter weatherseal the harder the wind blows. Double Hung Window - The most popular and common window type in most homes. Two sash (upper and lower) both operate and slide vertically to open and close.
Garden Window Hopper Window Single-Hung Window
Garden Window - Popular, and beautiful, the Garden Window is a perfect addition over the sink in the kitchen, in the family-room, in the den, or anywhere more light and plants will add to the comfort and pleasure in the home. Hopper Window - Like the Awning Window, the Hopper is hinged horizontally but at the bottom. Makes a perfect basement window replacement. Single-Hung Window - Up and down sliding window with the bottom sash operable and the top sash fixed.
Architectural Shapes Sliding Window
Architectural Shapes - Unique, shapes like trapezoids, octagons and triangles allow for architectural design in many window applications. Sliding Window - Horizontal sliding windows offer ease of use and large glass areas and are available in multiple panels with one or more operating.

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