Tom Shafer

Smart window locks: the newest smart home tech

April 06, 2016

As the capability of smart phones increases, we're not just able to monitor our social networks and email, but also our homes. Did you turn the lights off? Did you leave the heat on? Your phone can now tell you. And now, your phone can even tell you if someone is in the house who shouldn't be.

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Windows pose a large security concern for homeowners. Average homes have eight to 10 ground level windows, all of them potential pathways for a home intruder. Smart technology is finally coming their way and can give you some much-needed piece of mind.

Out with the old

Traditional window monitoring systems use contacts -- one in the sash and one in the frame. This presents two problems. First, these only determine if the window is closed, not if it's locked. Second, unless it's a wireless system, holes have to be drilled into the frame for wiring. Drilling holes in window frames voids most all window warranties.

Plus, most are just plain ugly.

In with the new

One window manufacturer, Andersen,has introduced VeriLock, and it solves all of those problems. It's located in the sash lock where it's invisible both to homeowners and to potential intruders. You also don't have to drill any holes to use it, which keeps your warranty and your decor intact.

Perhaps best of all, they don't just tell you if the window is closed, they also tell you if it's locked.

How it works

There are two ways to monitor your window locks: you can self-monitor, or you can use a security company. Feel safer knowing someone else is looking at and responding to any security concerns? You can outsource it to a company 24/7. Rather have it in the palm of your hand? You can monitor everything from your smartphone.

The price is a little higher than traditional window monitoring and alarm systems, but considering that it is invisible and does not violate any warranty, the price shouldn't be a limiting factor.

In this day and age, there's no reason for you to be worried about the safety and security of your home -- and that should definitely include your windows.

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