New Windows: Spiffing up your Home for the Holidays

April 11, 2011

Replacing windows is typically done during temperate spring and summer months into early fall, but if you live in extreme climate conditions, scheduling your window replacement project during late fall or winter may not be practical. If you can arrange to replace windows and doors during less busy times of the year, your project budget can potentially stretch to accommodate upgrades in new windows and doors and their installation.

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Choosing your new windows: What's most important

  • The variety of window styles, materials and configurations can be mind-boggling, but knowing how you want your windows to work can help with narrowing your selection. Here are some considerations before visiting window dealers or shopping online:
  • Climate, weather, sun exposure: If you live in a desert, and your windows are subject to direct sun exposure, you'll want to choose windows that can filter damaging rays, insulate your home from heat, and stand up to punishing climate conditions.
  • Energy efficiency: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star program labels replacement windows according to EPA energy efficiency standards. Energy star windows may be eligible for rebates from local utility companies. As part of a comprehensive home energy conservation plan, new windows can help with reducing energy costs.
  • Image is everything: If you're rehabbing a home of architectural or historic significance, your priority may be installing authentic window styles and associated hardware. You can buy antique windows and authentic replications that maintain your home's style and historic integrity.

New windows can improve your home's appearance, increase its value, and reduce home energy costs.

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