Window Pane and Frame Materials: Finding Your Best Options

March 17, 2010

Replacement windows are available in many styles, materials and prices. Choosing window frame material and appropriate window glass can help with achieving your home improvement goals. Here's some basic information about window frames and glass.

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Frames and Fortune: Looking Good and Saving Money

Although you can certainly install traditional wooden window frames, contemporary materials including vinyl and fiberglass can be a good choice, too. These materials are pest free, resist damage caused by environmental exposure, and require little maintenance.

Wood windows are a great choice for traditional homes, or historic homes where maintaining architectural style and integrity is important. Wood window frames can be crafted in many styles and shapes to accommodate styles from Victorian to contemporary. Although wooden windows can suffer from pest and environmental damage, it's possible to find wood window frame styles clad in aluminum, or vinyl. The exterior window frame is clad in a protective material, while the interior wooden frame is exposed. This can provide the best of both worlds, but it's important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of all window frame materials.

Window glass: Layers, Textures,Treatments and More

Replacement windows are frequently constructed with multiple layers of glass. Layered glass provides insulation against heat, cold, moisture, and noise. If improved energy efficiency is important, shop energy star rated windows and compare ratings. When planning your window replacement project, you may wish to create accents or special effects using stained, textured, or etched glass. These types of glass can add interior and exterior focal points. You can also buy treated window glass that reduces glare and sun damage.

Make a list of your priorities and have it handy when shopping for replacement windows.

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