Windows and Doors Play Role in Energy Efficiency

March 16, 2010

Wood doors add traditional flavor and textural appeal to your home; a new front door adds character and welcomes your guests. In addition to traditional wood doors, new combinations of materials can help wood doors insulate your home against the elements while reducing energy costs.

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Wood: Nature's Building Material

Wood has long been used for constructing homes and their trim, including doors. A traditional wood door provides a focal point at your home's entry, and can also say something about those who live there. Wood can have drawbacks, but today's wood doors offer strength, style and energy savings without sacrificing wood's beauty. When replacing wood doors, it's important to consider the ancillary parts including the doorjamb, sill (at the bottom of the door), trim and weatherstripping. These components work together to and seal your entry against the elements. Properly installed, exterior wooden doors can last twenty years or more. Wood doors can deteriorate due to warping, rot, and sun damage, so maintaining your wood doors is essential for prolonging their usefulness and maintaining their appearance.

Wood windows Provide Modern Innovations

Choosing wood windows to complement a wood doors presents a unified appearance and provides visual "flow" to your home's exterior. Wood windows and doors are sturdy, can provide energy savings, Wood windows can be particularly useful if you desire a traditional appearance, or are maintaining an older home's architectural integrity. Shop online or visit home improvement retailers to find windows and doors suited to your home, your climate, and your taste.


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