Replacement Windows in Seattle

June 24, 2010

Seattle's hills and valleys are chock-full of charming, well-kept older homes. Wood was abundant and affordable when those homes were built, but decades of "liquid sunshine" may be taking both hidden and obvious tolls. Old wooden window frames with single-pane glass are magnets for dry rot, mold, and the normally invisible destruction caused by carpenter ants. The draftiness that requires a sweater on soggy days is also a sign that your windows transmit both heat and cold. It may be time for replacement windows in your lovely old Seattle neighborhood.

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The U.S. Department of Energy rates windows for their U-Factor--the rate of thermal transmission of the whole window assembly, and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)--the amount of thermal transmission of the window panes themselves. For Seattle windows, a U-Factor rating of 0.40 and SHGC rating of 0.55 are optimum. ENERGY STAR-rated replacement windows, which are eligible for a substantial federal tax credit through 2010. This incentive for energy-efficient windows is up to 30% of the replacement window cost (not installation or labor), capped at $1500.

Today's vinyl, vinyl clad, and wood clad windows could be the solution to your old window woes. Windows with double pane separated by argon gas and a low-e coating can also increase the energy efficiency of your replacement windows. And, if you are planning to sell your home, replacement windows bring an excellent return on your investment in the Pacific Northwest. And while you're waiting to see that "sold" sign, you can enjoy the benefits of a snug home with virtually maintenance-free windows.

Look up Seattle window manufacturers and dealers today. Replacement windows in Seattle are a safety umbrella that your home may desperately need.

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