Insulated Glass: Energy Saving Windows and Great Style

December 22, 2009

Insulated glass is the secret ingredient of energy saving windows. Constructed of double or triple layers of glass, energy saving windows are useful for reducing energy consumption and expense while adding to the appearance of your home. Although insulated glass windows can be an important component of conserving energy, they're only one part of a successful energy savings program. Heating and air conditioning appliances, ducts and lines, roofing, and home insulation also contribute to home energy savings.

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Energy Saving Windows: The Benefits

  • Add home value and appeal: Energy saving windows are a great choice for home improvement, and can potentially add value to your home. Many styles of insulated glass windows ensure that you can preserve your home's architectural integrity and appearance inside and out.
  • Reduce energy use and expense: Insulated glass inhibits the influence of weather inside your home. The effects of heat, cold, and moisture are reduced, which assists in maintaining comfort and saving energy needed for running fans, air conditioners and heaters.
  • Potential tax credit: Homeowners who install qualified energy saving windows may qualify for a tax credit up to $1500. the tax credit is based on 305 of the price of energy saving windows and their installation, with a limit of 41500. Learn more here.
  • Optional window treatments: energy saving windows are constructed of multiple layers of glass; some styles offer blinds installed between the layers, which protects the blinds from household dust and dirt. You can also select windows with mullions installed between layers of glass. This makes cleaning much easier while providing the appearance of a multi-paned window.

Shopping for insulated glass windows online and in stores can help you find the windows matching your taste and budget.

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