Energy Saving Windows: The Benefits of Insulated Glass

January 07, 2010

Energy saving windows can add value to your home while significantly reducing utility bills and increasing your comfort. Although the government's Energy Star program cautions that installing energy efficient windows may not reduce energy costs enough to justify the entire investment, replacing old windows with insulated glass windows does reduce costs. Home remodeling and renovation projects provide a convenient opportunity for installing energy saving windows.

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Energy Saving Windows Available in Variety of Styles and Materials

You don't have to compromise your home's appearance to conserve energy. Insulated glass windows are available in a variety of types including casement, single and double hung, horizontal sliding, and picture styles. You can choose from aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl frames. Energy saving windows can enhance your home's appearance while accomodating your budget; check with your tax advisor and local utility providers to learn about possible tax benefits and/or energy saving incentive programs in your area.

How Do Energy Saving Windows Work?

The structure of energy saving windows is their "secret." Insulation provided by two or three layers of glass and invisible reflective coating repel the sun's heat while stabilizing your home's indoor climate. Used in combination with energy efficient appliances and home improvements, your insulated windows can provide energy saving benefits for many years.

Replacing and installing windows is a big job; if you have any doubts about your ability to undertake such a project, it's best to protect your investment by having your new windows professionally installed.

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