Reduce your Energy Costs with New Replacement Windows

December 17, 2008

Reduce your Energy CostsYou've got one in almost every room in your home. Many rooms have more than one. Windows surround you. Would you go through a tough winter with gaping, rectangular holes in your walls? No? How about with some cardboard haphazardly taped over those same holes? Still no? Then why are you letting your old windows let in those wintry drafts and hike your energy costs?

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The Big Three Stole My Energy

There are three ways that heat loss is perpetuated:

  • Radiation: The sun is warm. It's warmer still when you're out in its light. This is radiation, heat transferred by way of infrared light. New, replacement windows stop heat from radiating in and out, protecting you in all seasons
  • Conduction: In winter, if your windows are as cold as ice when you touch them, they're conducting your home's heat right outside. Your heating cost is rising trying to heat up that frigid, old glass. Double-pane windows have a layer of dead air space in between to stop this tricky culprit, and make great replacements
  • Convection: Your home is full of hot air, in winter at least. Keep it that way. Those little nooks, cracks, and crannies around old windows stop you from saving energy and cutting costs

Heat Loss and Saving Energy

Reduce your Energy Costs Getting replacement windows for your home isn't just about making it look nice. In winter, old windows facilitate more heat loss than you might think, and, come summer, just as much of your hard earned cold air is seeping out. Adding a little window insulation, like weather stripping, is a good start but saving energy is easy with double-pane windows or energy-efficient frames.

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