Replacement windows in Chicago: Climate Extremes and Tax Credits Make This An Ideal Time to Toss Those Old Chicago Windows

June 30, 2010

Chicago windows like yours endure annual temperature swings from below zero to over 100 degrees. Humidity is high year 'round. If you've been living with the same energy-wasting windows for years, the good news is that both the frames and the glass of today's replacement windows have undergone major improvements in the last decade. With hefty government tax credits expiring at the end of 2010, now is the perfect time to offset the up-front cost of Energy Star-rated replacement windows. The construction materials and designs of today's replacement windows greatly reduce thermal transfer of both the frame and the multi-paned glass. All of this drives down the long-term costs of new window installation.

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Materials for Chicago Windows

Vinyl (PVC), insulated vinyl, insulated aluminum, fiberglass, insulated fiberglass, or wood--exposed to your home's interior, but clad with vinyl or aluminum on the exterior--are all good choices for replacement windows in Chicago. Any of them will improve your comfort, reduce utility bills, and eliminate or greatly reduce maintenance. There are designs for every architectural style, from historical to ultra-contemporary.

In an urban area like Chicago, you can find national window manufacturers through dealers, showrooms, and big-box home supply stores. Take the time to visit at least a couple of them so that you understand the differences in quality and energy-efficiency ratings specifically for the Chicago area. With plenty of choices, find a company or rep that you enjoy dealing with. They will measure your windows and recommend models to fit your taste and your budget.

So put away those heavy sweaters and electric fans--it's time for new replacement windows!

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