Wood Replacement Windows - Installation Guide and Tips

July 31, 2010

Wood replacement windows are a great way to improve the appearance and value of an older or historic home. Do-it-yourself homeowners who have a basic knowledge of window installation and carpentry can install windows but in many cases the project should be left to an expert.

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Reliable contractors who specialize in window installation are glad to provide valuable information when the job is being bid:

  1. Site evaluation. Ask a contractor to personally inspect the home. Responsible contractors want to see the project before they're willing to quote a price. An on-site inspection reveals any additional underlying work that must be done.
  2. Ideas for improvements. Professional wood window installers often are asked to provide design concepts to homeowners that can improve the appearance of the windows. Many contractors are willing to share their expertise for free and to incorporate the homeowner's preferences into the finished project.
  3. Problem resolution. Rotted window frames, warped sills, and the need for additional insulation are all problems that fall within the venue of professional contractors. The cost for the project goes up with the addition of needed repairs to the house structure but it's worth the investment to ensure that new replacement windows last for decades. It's during window replacement projects that you can make sure heat and air conditioning stay inside where they're needed and that insects and inclement weather stay out where they belong.
  4. Customized solutions. Professional contractors are willing to work within budgets. Experience and the desire to provide customer satisfaction combine to make a project affordable and exactly what the customer has in mind.
  5. Written estimate. Get an estimate in writing. Contractors providing estimates have the right to vary up to about ten percent from the bottom line but they aren't allowed to go far without the homeowner's permission. Reputable contractors are happy to let homeowners know how much a window installation project costs before any money changes hands.

The services of a professional wood window installer are recommended for all but the most self-sufficient homeowner. Experts conduct on-site evaluations, provide ideas on window and related interior design solutions, solve problems, customize the project, and are up-front about the costs. A contractor is often the most hassle-free way to installation success.

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