Window Sales and Window Replacement: Finding a Good Match

April 18, 2010

Whether your son broke your living room window hitting a grand slam, or you're replacing all of your windows for achieving maximum energy efficiency, shopping for windows is the first step in any window replacement project. Window sales options are influenced by your needs. If you're buying standard sized windows, you may benefit from a package purchase/installation package from a home improvement store. if you're remodeling your home and adding new windows, work with your contractor may help determine your best option for buying and installing windows.

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Window Sales: Custom Needs and Installation

Custom remodeling, window design, and home renovation projects require expert window sales advice and installation. Before shopping for replacement windows for an older home, it's best to consult a contractor to determine if your windows actually need replacing. Superior construction techniques allow old windows to last for many years. In some cases, minor repairs may do the trick. Here are some reasons why older windows can require replacement:

  • Lead: Windows containing lead paint must be replaced, as lead particles can be distributed each time the windows are opened or closed.
  • Structural failure: Broken sashes, loose glazing, and signs of pest infestation in frames and sashes can call for replacement windows.
  • Energy efficiency:It may be possible to restore old windows to reduce drafts, but new multi-layer glazing techniques can energy and significantly reduce utility bills. Energy star rated windows may also qualify for tax rebates and local utility incentives.

Your reasons for replacing windows, along with researching your options can help you choose replacement windows for the right reasons without being influenced by compelling window sales pitches.

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