Tom Shafer

What to expect from your window installer

September 23, 2014

Your replacement windows will soon be installed, and you couldn't be more excited for the change! If you've never replaced your windows before, you may not know what to be on the lookout for or what to expect from the process. Below is a list you can keep handy to help prepare you for installation:

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  1. Were you given enough notice of the installation? You should expect at least a week's notification of the installation date. Be prepared to either take a day off of work or arrange for someone to be at your home during the installation.
  2. You can expect them to arrive very close to the time they told you. There can be exceptions for traffic and short delays, but you shouldn't find yourself with an appointment at 8 AM and having the installers arrive at noon.
  3. Installers should respect your property. They should take care of any shrubbery, furniture, or window coverings. Some installers charge extra for moving furniture or taking down window coverings, so if you don't want to pay the extra cost, get in touch with your installer in advance and see what you can prepare on your own.
  4. Drop cloths are intended to use when paint caulk or dirt can be dropped on hardwood flooring or carpeting. The use of drop cloths is not optional, so if you don't see one out, don't be shy about asking for one.
  5. After the work is finished the area should look like the installers were never there. The area around the yard and especially the windows should be clean. The new windows themselves should also be cleaned.
  6. Installers should be polite and respectful. They are in your home; you should expect the same type of behavior you would expect from any guest in your space.
  7. Lunch breaks should be reasonable. It is very infuriating as you sit home waiting for the installation completed and the breaks continue. You can ask in advance if any breaks will be needed and about how long the installers expect the work to take.
  8. New windows may have new features and could operate differently. You need to be shown proper operating techniques. Opening, closing, and tilting should be demonstrated before your installer leaves.
  9. Do each of the windows work? If they were installed properly (square, plumb, and straight), they should operate. If they do not, there is a problem and installers should be told they need repairs. If you can, test each window before the installer leaves. If this isn't possible, plan to test them as soon as possible.
  10. Finally, are you happy with the windows? They are a major investment in your home. Before the installers leave, make sure you like the way they look, the installation, and the condition of your home when the installers are finished.

Overall, you should expect a smooth, easy installation process that respects your time, home, and money. If you don't feel you're getting these things from your installer, be open and honest about what you expect. Above all, be prepared to enjoy the look and feel of your new windows and the cost savings they can bring!

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