Windows Contractors Play Starring Role in Window Replacement

December 15, 2009

Window replacement is a major home improvement project, and one that requires the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Finding a skilled and conscientious windows contractor is essential for avoiding the three D's: delays, disappointment, and potential disaster. Understanding all aspects of your windows installation contract and the following tips can help you achieve a problem-free window replacement project.

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Windows Contractors: Referrals and References

  • Finding a windows contractor through a referral from someone who has recently had windows installed, and is pleased with the work is a good start.
  • Ask several windows contractors for multiple references from people who've recently had windows installed. Call each reference and ask how long they've had their new windows, whether or not they're happy with the work, and if not, why not.

Compare Window Replacement Product Warranties and Installation Contracts

In many cases, your windows may be installed by the window sales company. It's important to carefully read all warranties and contracts for your new windows and installation services.

  • Ask potential windows contractors for a blank copy of his or her installation contract. Compare terms and conditions and estimated completion dates along with cost estimates.
  • Verify manufacturer's warranty requirements: Make sure that your product warranty requirements can be met by windows contractors you're considering.

Interviewing Windows Contractors

Take time to interview all the windows contractors you're considering. Ask how long they've been in business, and in addition to getting references, you'll want to verify that they carry insurance covering liability, worker's compensation and property damages. Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.

Last but not least, honor your instincts. If something seems "fishy," it's not worth risking a faulty installation or other problems. Researching windows contractors can help ensure a fast, professional job.

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