Three Reasons to Install Custom Replacement Windows

July 31, 2010

You finally bought that big old house you've always wanted and your family is all settled in. The house is everything you had hoped it would be, but there is one little, or actually big problem and it is costing you a small fortune. The energy bills are enormous and you know that you are losing a lot of money through those old custom sized windows that make the home so attractive. The answer might be to install new custom replacement windows.

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Custom Replacement Windows: New Windows for Any Sized Opening

Custom replacement windows are fabricated to the size of the existing window openings in your home. It doesn't matter if you live in an old house with window sizes they don't make anymore or a modern home with arched top or circular windows: the window contractor can measure your openings and install windows that fit your special needs. Custom replacement windows can be perfect for an old house restoration.

New Windows can Save Money in the Long Run

Installing replacement windows now can qualify you for a federal tax credit of up to $1,500 and may save you money every month on your energy bills. One manufacturer estimates that using Energy Star rated windows can save you between $146 and $501 on your annual energy costs. Window technology has come a long way since those single pane windows you may have in your old house, and new glass developments now block out much of the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays.

Let the New Owner Pay for Your Custom Replacement Windows

Remodeling Magazine shows in their annual survey that homeowners may be able to recoup up to 77 percent of the costs of new windows when they sell their home. You are not only going to be able to enjoy the possible energy savings of new windows, but someone else may end up paying for most of the costs of installing them. This may also be a very good time to get a good price from a window contractor for installing your new custom replacement windows due to the instability of the home building business at the present time.

Stop wondering if you're going to have to take out a loan to pay your old house's energy bills: start saving energy and money by installing new custom replacement windows in your home.

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