Tips on How to Install Vinyl Replacement Windows

December 10, 2009

Vinyl window installation is one of the more popular home projects to tackle before the approach of cooler months. The energy-efficiency and aesthetic value are motivators.

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How Vinyl Windows Stack Up

Before you learn how to install replacement windows, you'll need to navigate the sheer volume of choices available. Many home owners are finding that going with vinyl simplifies the decision-making process. Here's why:

  • Vinyl versus Wood. Once considered inferior to wood, advancements in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) have leveled the playing field and made vinyl window installation just as competitive
  • Vinyl versus Metal. Vinyl windows are inherently superior to the metal options simply because metal so readily conducts heat
  • Vinyl Features Abound. Vinyl replacement windows offer a wide range of options: look for single- and double-hung, horizontal sliding, casement, awning and hopper styles

Vinyl Window Installation Tips

The process of vinyl window installation is fairly uniform across the different window materials--save for a few exceptions. The Do It Yourself home improvement blog offers these vinyl window installation pointers should you decide to go this route.

  • Remove the Old Sash. Look for the interior stop, as the exterior is typically nailed down and is not removable; you can reuse the interior stops
  • Set the New Window. It should fit snugly in the opening; excess space in between can be shimmed with a thin strip of wood
  • Check Sloped Extrusions. Some windows have slopes to match sloped sills; if yours doesn't, you can make one out of wood
  • Secure into Jambs. Use a carpenter's square to check for perspective, the screw through the pre-drilled holes into the side jambs

Finish the project by ensuring that all moving parts operate normally. Caulk, prime and paint as necessary.

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