Florida Replacement Windows

June 25, 2010

Depending on where you live in Florida from Tallahassee to Key West or on the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, your replacement window needs may be slightly different. With a humid subtropical climate in north and central Florida and a tropical climate in the south, most Florida residents require replacement windows that keep their homes cool. Residents located in areas prone to severe tropical storms and hurricanes also need to protect their homes. The random nature of a hurricane's path can test the soundness of your Florida windows but you can maximize the safety of your home with wind and impact-resistant replacement windows. Triple pane glass with laminate between the layers helps defend your home against fierce winds, shattered glass, and lethal projectiles.

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Installing ENERGY STAR-rated replacement windows in Florida can bring you added comfort from the hot climate as well as substantial federal tax rebates and monthly utility savings, which can help defray the cost of buying and installing replacement windows. Quality Florida replacement windows should have a thermal barrier to keep solar radiation out (which means a low solar heat gain coefficient [SHGC]) and to keep the cool air in. Adding a low-e coating can also decrease the amount of ultraviolet radiation that passes through your replacement windows. Make sure that your new windows are labeled ENERGY STAR-rated and are properly flashed and sealed to prevent air and water leaks.

Buying new replacement windows and having them installed can be expensive, but if you weigh the cost against tropical storm protection and living in a comfortable home all year round, the cost can be a superb investment.

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