Top Tips for Aluminum Window Installation

July 30, 2010

No one wants to replace anything at home. It's costly, time-consuming, and often problematic. But, what if it doesn't have to be? If you have to replace a window, aluminum window installation does not have to ruin your week. See below for some tips on how to make this effort run smoothly.

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The more popular window choices in home and commercial construction are vinyl, wood and wood clad. But, aluminum is actually much stronger than both of these materials. And you can customize the color so that the window and trim suit your taste, or complement each other. The only real downside is that aluminum is a heat conductor, but these windows are an excellent option in temperate climates. If you currently have aluminum and want to install new aluminum windows, here's what you need to know about aluminum window replacement:

  1. Before your aluminum window installation project gets underway, measure the window! Know what is there, or was, so that you get the right window to take its place. You want to measure not only the window itself but the trim and the casing in which everything sat. It is better to give a contractor or anyone helping you all of the information, and let them choose what they need.
  2. Get new windows that preferably have low emissions and are better for the environment. You can find aluminum windows anywhere from $30 to $100, but they are generally a relatively inexpensive option. Also, given that they are so strong, you may not need to repeat the aluminum window installation multiple times.
  3. Remove the current window. Make sure you have taken safety precautions, such as wearing goggles and gloves, and having a friend there to help. Then, cut out the screen and unscrew any fastenings holding the current window in place. Slowly remove it so that you don't break anything and get hurt. You may have to remove wood trim so that the new window fits properly, but research the right answer first.
  4. Install your new window. If it is ready to go, start your aluminum window installation by placing it in the newly open slot. Make sure that everything fits and is well-aligned. Refer to the instructions that came with the window to determine how the manufacturer recommends that you install it properly.

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