Replace Window Panes or Replace Windows?

July 07, 2010

Leaking windows or a major catastrophe can prompt replacing your windows, but it's better to shop for new windows when you have time to do some research and choose your new windows without being rushed. When deciding whether to repair or replace windows, using these guidelines may help:

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  • How old is old: If your home has old style single pane windows, it's time to consider replacing them with energy efficient windows. Window dealers offer windows with multiple panes that insulate your home against outdoor climate, and keep heat from leaking out.
  • Check your windows for damage: Although a broken window must be replaced, it may not be necessary to replace all of your windows. Inspect all windows for signs of pest and environmental damage.
  • Home improvement projects: If you'll be remodeling your home, replacing old windows provides consistent window styles and improves window performance.
  • Selling your home: Investing in new windows soon before selling your home may not be worthwhile, but if your home requires major updating, installing energy efficient windows can increase its appeal and value.

Shopping for new windows online is helpful for comparing window styles, materials and prices. When you've made a short list of window styles, visit window dealers to learn more and to view your choices up close. Your local utility company can provide information about installing energy efficient windows and may also offer rebates for qualifying purchase and installation of new windows.

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