Home Windows: Repair or Replace Window Frames and Glass?

March 09, 2010

Deciding whether to repair window frames and glass can depend on the overall condition of your home's windows. if your windows are in good condition, one broken window isn't sufficient reason to replace all of your windows. If your windows are damaged by environmental exposure and problems such as dry rot or termites, replacing your windows can help you increase energy efficiency while increasing the appearance and value of your home.

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Window Problems: What Have You Noticed?

Over time, you can ignore problems with faulty windows. It may take a broken window pane or malfunctioning frame to "tune you in" to problems that have been there all along. How long has the dining room window been hard to open? Wasn't it last winter when you noticed drafts coming in through your bedroom windows? And how long has sunlight been fading your living room couch? Taking stock of such problems can help determine when its time to replace windows. Energy efficient windows offer additional benefits including reduced energy costs and possible rebates and tax credits.

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Shopping online allows you to shop replacement window options without sales pressure; you can locate styles and features compatible with your needs and price range. Visiting window dealers once you've determined what you need can help you find exactly the products you need, and can also offer additional product options. Window dealers can also answer questions and explain window ratings, energy star products, and help with installation arrangements.

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