Window glass dealer: Decide whether to repair or replace windows

March 16, 2011

Home runs, errant birds, rocks, and bad weather can spell disaster for window glass. How do you know when to repair or replace a broken window? There are no precise rules, but major damage should be evaluated by a window glass dealer or windows contractor. It may be possible to replace window glass yourself, but if the window frame is also damaged, replacement may be necessary. Considering these factors can help with making a decision.

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  • Window size: If the broken window is small, or only one pane among several is involved, replacing the window glass may be a simple process. Bent or broken window frames and mullions may require extensive repair or window replacement.
  • Damage: If you home is damaged by a natural disaster, you'll be replacing windows and possibly repairing structural damage to your home's walls and foundation. Repairing major home damage usually requires building permits, inspections, and hiring licensed windows contractors. Determine the requirements of your insurance company and local building codes before doing any work.
  • Time to upgrade: Inspect damaged windows for signs of frame damage. Wood windows can be subject to damage by termites and dry rot. Aluminum windows can corrode and become unsightly. Replacing windows for gaining better energy efficiency reduces energy costs and may include rebates from your utility company.

Last but not least is your budget. If your home has sustained major damage, your insurance company will assign a claims specialist. Go over deductibles and determine out-of-pocket costs before signing off on a major window repair ore replacement project.






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