Broken Window Pane: Taking the Pain out of Selecting Window Glass

April 08, 2010

When visiting window dealers you may be amazed at the options available for choosing window glass. You can choose from single layer glass, or upgrade your windows to layered styles that conserve energy and may also qualify for tax credits and/or local energy program rebates. Window glass serves many functions; considering your needs when window shopping can help you select the best windows for your needs and preferences.

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Through the Looking Glass: What Window Glass Can Do

Window glass can be used to achieve various effects. Here are some ideas for choosing window glass:

  • Clear, multi layered window glass: Double and triple layer window glass is becoming the new standard for home windows. Multiple layers provide insulation, and can help reduce energy costs. You can find these windows in a variety of frame materials including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and clad wood. Clear glass can also be treated for filtering sunlight.
  • Textured window glass: Textured clear glass provides privacy and illumination. Bathroom window, entry suites, and garages are examples of good locations for textured glass, but it can be used anywhere that light is more important than having a great view.
  • Stained window glass: Colored glass is expensive, but can be a great investment for creating a focal point at our home's entry or for accent windows. Modern techniques for assembling stained glass don't use lead, so you can enjoy the beauty of stained glass without worrying about lead toxicity.

There's a window glass solution for every project between installing a stained glass window pane in your front door to constructing a wall of glass in your living room.

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